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Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark ll

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The reason for writing this review exactly four months after buying is so that I've had a chance to test this flip screen camera out for a while. Now, just to be sure my opinion doesn't change. It hasn't, I am in love with this wonderful vlogging camera with flip screen!


1. Firstly, the camera ergonomics are good. The flip screen camera is solid and reassuringly weighty but not so much to become a burden. Not quite pocketable in a pair of jeans but easily in a jacket or small bag.

2. The controls and operation are all smooth and feel solid and high quality. The front dial for changing settings such as zoom, aperture or speed depending on mode is really easy to use.

3. The mode dial and exposure compensation dial have great resistance to turning. I like the fact that the exposure compensation dial is under the mode dial. It's in the perfect position to change with your thumb without having to look around the camera or move your hand around to change it. The buttons are well placed and easy to use.

4. The LCD screen is excellent. It's nice and bright with plenty of detail and has all the information you would need. It can be customized to show the modes and information you want. All the settings I need can be changed from the touchscreen with no fuss while shooting. This is the first touchscreen camera with flip screen I have had and I must say it makes shooting, focusing and altering setting so much easier. The fact the screen is articulated is a real bonus. I have used it many times to get that low angle shot without having to strain to see the screen.

So, the main thing I really love about it is the performance and picture quality. The camera starts up in about a second and it's ready to use. I have found focusing using the touchscreen very fast and accurate. Pictures out of the camera set to best JPEG are amazing. I would definitely recommend this camera for almost any type of photography not requiring a long lens. Oh and not to forget the vloggers!


1. The battery is simply not capable of supporting what this camera can do. They probably needed a battery twice its size, so buy at least one extra battery.

2. I might be doing something wrong, but have so far only been able to set the lens ring to adjust aperture or shutter speed. It will not adjust zoom or manual focus as I thought I'd be able to do.

3. The touchscreen manual focus is nice, but trying to adjust it without touch focusing is a bit cumbersome.

Get yours here: Canon Powershot

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