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Sony a5100 16-50mm Mirrorless Digital Camera with 3-Inch Flip Up LCD (White) REVIEW***

As good as a camera with flip screen can get!

Get yours here: Sony a5100

This is a great camera by Sony. It offers users a lot of the features of an SLR or a more powerful mirrorless camera, with a lot of the ease of use of a point and shoot. Further benefits include:


1. There is a great balance struck that allows the camera to feel more powerful than a traditional point and shoot without making it overwhelming.

2. The menus are set up very simply, and users have the option to have the camera tell you what each setting or feature is so that can learn and understand their camera better.

3. Being an interchangeable lens camera also helps users learn about the different focal lengths and apertures. Or if the user just wants to use the camera as is, with the 16-50mm lens, they can and get great results.

4. The touch screen operates beautifully and makes the camera faster and more intuitive to use.


1. Difficult to see in direct sunlight

2. It takes some time to figure out the buttons and options.

With the new a5000 and & a5100 out of the NEX5T series they are a steal to purchase. On the whole, I love everything about this camera. As an absolute noob with camera technology and functions, the Sony NEX5T is wicked user friendly and convenient. It's small and light enough to carry around all day while traveling and takes top-notch pictures. Also, the ability to wirelessly upload photos onto your smartphone, and use it as a remote control to snap family portraits is amazing. I would definitely buy this camera again. Light, durable, convenient, and fun to shoot when traveling. 10 stars!

Get yours here: Sony a5100

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